Friday, September 4, 2015

Largest Landslide in the Chin State

I have collected photos of landslides in the Chin State and so far the following are the most dangerous and largest landlides in the Chin State. The following landslides occured between July 26-29, 2015 during the torrential rains of Cyclone Komen.

Landslides destroyed roads and briges in various parts of the Chin State. Seven bridges were destroyed in Mindat township. Landslide destroyed the main roads such as Hakha-Gangaw Highway and Hakha-Kalay Highway that completely cut off access to Hakha City.

    This landslide may be the largest in the Chin State

Landslides occurred on the Haka-Gangaw Road. Photo: Mang Ha Naung’s Facebook
            Landslide destroyed part of Hakha-Gangaw Road
The  above landslide occurred mosly in Hakha township.

The following landslide is near Laitui Village on the Border Trade Road No.2. I travelled on this road several times in 1993. This road is one of the most dangerous road I have ever ride the car. I was really scare. The road was built in the middle of a huge landlide. The road was uneven and very unstable. I called it "Deadly Road in the Chin State." Many parts of Laitui would be destroyed by landslide in the near future.

Road in Chin State
           Landslide near Laitui (Indian-Burma Rrade Rd No.2)

The  Chinland guardian mentions that the landslide destroyed Kahngen village, Tiddim township,  and all 127 villagers abandoned all their houses (40 houses) on August 7, 2015 as seen photos below

Houses destroyed by landslides in Suangzang village, Tedim Township (Photo: Chin World Media)
 Kahngen Village, Tiddim Township (Ref.

The following landslides occurred just north of Falam due to torrential rains in July 26-August 2, 2015. Roads and some houses were destoyed.


            Landslide north of Falam (Ref.

The Chinland Guardian reported in August 1, 2015 that at least ten houses were destroyed by the landslide in Matupi Township too. The following pictures are from Matupi Township.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Relief and Rescue Effors in Hakha City

The torrential monsoon rains in Hakha triggered the most destructive and dangerous landslides around the capital city of the Chin State. This natural disaster is the most destructive and dangerous one in the entire Chin History. Landslides cut destroyed and blocked many roads going to Hakha. Therefore a lot of the town people had shortage of foods. In one point about 15,000 people were evacuated to safety said by one local resident. 

About 300 houses had been destroyed and many houses were damaged and over 2,000 people were evacuated. 196 house at Old Hahkha Block, 69 houses at Ketheibo Block and 16 houses at Dawrthar Block were destroyed. Over 2600 people were displaced to a safer area of town. The soils in Hakha city is very soft. When it is wet it is very weak and the entire city is crack and ready to slide any time. 

Pre. Thein Sein annouced "emergency on three states and divisions myanmar on July 31. 

Public fasting prayer were held at Vomtumawng Certual for days where relief and rescue efforts were carried out by firefighters and individual. The military borrowed 500 bags of rice to the victims. Myanmar vice-President U Ngun Tun visited Hakha on August 2 and met with the local leaders at Carson Baptist Church, Hakha and he promised the people that military helicoper from Gangaw will bring rice supplies immediately. 

There are also 580 houses were flooded and 32 houses were destroyed by Cyclone Komen and more than 3,000 people were evacuated in Paletwa city in the soutern part of Chin State. 


Vice Pre. U Ngun Tun arrived in Hakha 

Refugees of natural disaster in our own city

Some celebrities came to Hakha city from Yangon and donated moneys to the victims of natural disasters. 

People from Thatlang City donated 14,000,000.00 kyats to people in Hakha including 45 bags of rice recently. They also donated full load truck of vegetable and vegetables for the victims of the landslides in Hakha town. 

Donations came from agency and private. Dr. Sasa, a prominent young medical doctor and the founder of Health and Hope Society donated 500 bags of rice to the victims of natural disaster in Hakha. The rice bags were purchased from Silchar, Assam State, India and will be transported to Hakha as soon as possible.

Pu Chan Hrem, member of HRC and Hakha Leimin Research Tuahnak, told me that YMCA from Mizoram State donated 500 bags of rice which already arrived in Hakha this week. 

People fled to a safer place in town

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Most Dangerous Landslide Destroyed Hakha City, Myanmar

This landslide occurred on July 27 after raining of 4 consecutive days. 

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